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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review of "Doodle Squares HD" by BIGITEC Gmb

Review of "Doodle Squares HD" by BIGITEC Gmb

Oh joy, another game with the prefix "doodle" in the app store. This game consists of moving a circle around the screen and hitting black squares whilst avoiding red ones.

This would be simple if not for the growing mechanic. As you absorb more black cubes your ball becomes larger, making it more difficult to avoid the red blocks.

The game gives powerups and powerdowns that are fairly varied, one of which shrinks the ball. This is an issue, since as you grow you need the shrink powerup in order to continue, otherwise it will eventually be impossible to avoid red squares. My issue is that you require luck, luck to get the powerup you need. I think any game that you need to get lucky in to get the maximum score has a glaring flaw.

The achievements are sufficiently varied, although fairly predictable for a game of this type.

The controls (or control, in this case) work well and I cannot see anyone having a problem with it.

It can become predictable as the blocks always move up-down and left-right, however as your finger is just below the ball you control so you can see it correctly it wouldn't do to have blocks moving up, since your finger would block it from view.

The additional themes are quite varied and aesthetically pleasing, my favorite being the glowing theme.

The game is fun but gets boring after a while because you reach a plateau on the skill curve fairly quickly and the game doesn't really evolve in any way, resulting in a game that becomes bland and stale after a while.

The game itself is not inherently bad, it's just not inherently great, either. It's well made too, the concept just lacks longevity. All you can achieve is a bigger high score and a few achievements, although for a free game, that's not bad. The music fits, although it can become annoying if exposed to it for too long.

The game is a cheerful little game that is simple but well made.

The big question is: is the game fun?

Yes, this game is fun. If fun could be gauged in a numerical manner I would give it:
Graphics: 85%
Sound: 50%
Controls: 80%
Longevity: 36%
Fun: 75%

Review by:
Joshua "Arro" Paul Merrick,

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