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New simple flash arcade game "Virus Mayhem"

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 14 July 2011

If you like fast and furious... erm... click 'em ups(?), you'll enjoy Virus Mayhem.  It's a game about protecting your computer (in the middle of the screen) from evil viruses and Trojans.  You do this simply by clicking on them to make them disappear - which starts off as something really easy to do, sedate even (despite the timer).  However after a few levels the madness really starts and it's time to test whether that switch on your left mouse button is really in shape.

Fast, furious and fun, Virus Mayhem (by "Spike Projects") lives up to its name and can be played on the developer's blog.  There are a few problems with the game at the moment, which hopefully will be resolved as the game is developed further:  
  • Though there's a timer bar, if you zap all the incoming viruses before the timer runs out, you still have to wait for the timer before the level ends (this wouldn't be a problem if you got some sort of bonus for clearing the level early)
  • The music, although nice enough, is very repetitive
  • The other icons on the screen suggest more game elements will be brought in later (in fact this could be the case - maybe I just didn't get far enough to find out)
  • The sprite movement is very jerky at times  
  • Some sort of scoring system would definitely add to the game
I'll keep you posted on any updates to the game.


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