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Star Ninja is a fun and family friendly 2D physics based puzzle/shooter where you ricochet throwing stars to knock out all the Pirates in order to proceed to the next level. When hit, the pirates turn into ragdolls and flop around amusingly while other pirates react to the events with funny conversational banter. Cute animations, nice effects, solid physics and funny pirate voice work across 50 levels make this an entertaining game for all ages. Star Ninja takes just a few seconds to start up, making it a great option for on the go gaming.

Star Ninja has two primary game modes: Focus and Frenzy. Focus mode has a limited number of stars to throw per level with a bonus for finishing quickly, but you can take all the time you like to finish. Frenzy mode has unlimited stars to throw, but a limited amount of time to use them. There are two other game modes: Campaign and Speed Run. These modes are essentially multi-level versions of Focus and Frenzy, except you play from levels 1 to 50 and the score is cumulative over all the levels. Progress is saved so you can continue the series at any time. Star Ninja uses a score server to track high scores across all game modes over different time spans, letting players know when they have achieved the high score for the day, week, month or all time.

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