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Announcing "Helena the 3rd"

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 5 June 2011

I got a message from "Rustlybolts", one of the level designers of Helena the 3rd:

Helena is still in development as all the original levels are getting re-worked, the level design is about half-way there and we are aiming improve the game with tighter controls, particle effects and general polish with around 2 months to go.

About Helena the 3rd:
Helena the 3rd is an action platforming game with varying viewpoints used within the game e.g. 3d, fps, 3rd person and 2d. You take control of an upgradeable hi-tech tank, Helena the 3rd travelling over rough terrain and battling hostile enemies. You will need to leave your tank
to access areas Helena can't reach in search of upgrades and other treasures needed to progress further into the game.


   Combination of 2D, 3D, and FPS game modes

   Upgradeable tank sporting new game play mechanics (hover upgrade etc)

   Split screen co-op

   Auto updater included

V1.14 contains the following new features.
Full 3D mouse aiming.

New enemies added to the game.

Additional mouse sensitivity options.

Variable jump height

Gun bob in FPS

Destructible blocks

Warning!: Buying the game now is kind of like a pre-order, as the game is still in development. This option is more for people who would like to play the game as it's developed, or those who want to donate to help ensure the game is completed. The price is significantly reduced during this time as well.

Price $2-$5 depending on how generous your feeling.

8bit funding page
Twitter page

Helena the 3rd Screenshots:

Helena the 3rd Videos:


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