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Frogames announces its new payment system PAY WHAT YOU WANT

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Reims, FRANCE – March, 30 2011 – Frogames, an independent video game developer, brings the Pay-What-You-Want payment system for its game MiniOne Racing on the website

The Pay-What-You-Want system is simple : you decide what is the price for our game MiniOne Racing, a funny, colorful and exciting racing game.

This payment system has been successfully proven by others independent developers: we adopt this solution... and we add something more! The more you pay, the more rewards you receive. 

You can also get the development document of MiniOne Racing (for minimum $8) + the game Penguins Arena-Sedna’s world (*)(for minimum $15) + beta access to the next Frogames games (for minimum $30) + a MiniOne Racing mug (for minimum $60) and an unique pencil sketch especially made for you (for minimum $150)!

(*) Penguins Arena-Sedna’s world took first place at the Intel Game Demo Contest 2007

Frogames was created with a corporate social responsibility philosophy in 2005. So naturally our Pay-What-You-Want system integrates the sustainable development: the more you pay, the more Frogames makes micro-credit loans (from 5% to 20% of the price you chose).
Ever since november 2008 Frogames makes loans to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world attempting to lift themselves out of poverty: we use 5% of our profits from With this new system and a rate up to 20% Frogames hopes to lend even more... thanks to you!

the Pay What You Want page:
the MiniOne Racing page :

About Frogames
Frogames are independent games developers who pride themselves on being free from the control of other people’s money. As a result, all of their products and ideas are self-funded, self-published and limited only by their imagination.
Frogames also provides licensable technical resources that speed up game production so other developers can savor the freedom of creating world-class games quickly and efficiently.




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