Sunday, 27 February 2011

Planet Stronghold has been officially released!

Planet Stronghold is a sci-fi role-playing game with a turn-based combat system.

You take the role of a young, new recruit that somehow gets assigned to the most well-known, and well-defended, human outpost in the whole galaxy: Planet Stronghold.

As the story goes on, you'll have to choose a side in a a war that will change the destiny of the planet, and of humankind, forever.


- Play as male or female
- Four different character classes
- Eight NPC will join you in the battle
- Detailed battles with many tactical choices
- Over 40 unique enemies to fight including some "boss fights"
- Three optional romance ending for each gender for a total of 6 different romance endings
- Lots of quest and side-quests to solve
- Dynamic story that changes based on your choices
- Use non-combat skills like Explosives, Science, Sneak to solve some situation without resorting to combat
- Lots of unique weapons and armors

The game is available for PC, Mac and Linux.  Playable demo and official strategy guide are also available.  See the official website for more info:

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