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Message from Andrew at Brawsome

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"I’m pleased to finally be able to announce Brawsome’s deal with adventure game publisher Lace Mamba Global! I say finally, because Brawsome has been in discussions with many retail publishers, including Lace Mamba, since July!

This deal is a worldwide exclusive deal with Lace Mamba for retail distribution and localisation into German, Spanish, Italian, Russian Polish and French. Brawsome is currently working with the publisher on the Polish localisation.

The retail version will come with exclusive extras including a high quality soundtrack and bonus concept and hi-res art as well as using uncompressed art assets for the game.

I personally couldn’t be happier with press and awards Jolly Rover has received, considering it’s a 2D point and click adventure; which is a credit to the awesome team that worked on the game. There’s been a lot of excitement around this announcement, and getting a physical copy of the game out there is a dream come true for me. Hopefully this will be allow me to keep doing what I love. Working with Lace Mamba is also really cool, as they really understand adventure games, and are a publisher of one of my favourite titles of last year – Machinarium.

Glenn Hayes, UK Sales Manager of Lace Mamba Global commented “Jolly Rover is a fun, hilarious classic adventure game with dogs! The reviews have been good, and when we were presented with the opportunity to take this to retail worldwide we thought it would be lot of fun to work on a product of this sort!”

People can look forward to the Jolly Rover boxed version for PC & Mac in February 2011. The game can also be pre-ordered at Amazon: and

Many thanks,

About Lace Mamba Global
Founded in the United Kingdom in 2008, Lace Mamba Global is a privately-held, global independent marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software, primarily on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Working with developers worldwide, Lace Mamba Global has released and marketed over 20 products successfully on PC and is due to release their first next generation project in October 2010. With a solid distribution network throughout the world, Lace Mamba Global has become one of the leading publishers of adventure products with releases such as Gray Matter, Black Mirror 2 and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island,

About Brawsome
Founded in Australia in 2008 by Andrew Goulding, Brawsome is a developer of adventure games with a traditional style and modern mechanics. Brawsome’s focus is on exploring comedy in games, while developing great characters and story and honing gameplay mechanics to make games accessible to everyone. Brawsome’s first original commercial quality game – Jolly Rover, released on Steam and other distributors in mid 2010 to a great reception and recently won Best Australian Game at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival."


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