Thursday, 23 September 2010

Zeta Games / Silhouette Studios release Derailed for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Melbourne based application publisher Zeta Games in collaboration with Silhouette Studios launch their new game – Derailed for the iPhone and iPod Touch; and Derailed HD for the iPad on September 23rd.

Derailed (US $1.99) is an action-packed train navigation and passenger collection game.

The game takes advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen, allowing players the ability to achieve their objective of collecting all the passengers in the level by dragging rail track down with their finger.

While you ‘lay the foundations’ in an effort to prevent your train from derailment, your duties as train driver command you to collect all the passengers through the games’ nine different levels.

The more passengers you collect, the longer, faster and more intense the train becomes. Some of Derailed’s main features include rich graphics, cool sound effects and a catchy soundtrack.

Also, Openfeint leader boards maintain high scores and unlock achievements as the game progresses.

Derailed HD (US $3.99) has been designed specifically for the iPad, taking advantage of its crisp resolution and wider screen space, which in turn has made the game even more engaging with additional obstacles and passengers to pick up.

Derailed HD offers an incredible 20 levels of game play, allowing players the opportunity to test their skills through a range of new and exciting worlds, which includes the frosty ice-worlds, wet water worlds and undulating mountain worlds. Navigate and zigzag your way through forests, over bridges and across mountains to achieve your objective of collecting your passengers; all while your train gets longer and faster.

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