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Tiny Robots, Tiny Price Tag! For a Limited Time, Get Puzzle Bots for $4.99

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tiny Robots, Tiny Price Tag! 
For a Limited Time, Get Puzzle Bots for $4.99
Publisher Wadjet Eye Games celebrates PAX 10 selection with 50% discount

NEW YORK, September 2, 2010 - As gamers converge in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo, independent publisher Wadjet Eye Games is celebrating Puzzle Bots' selection for the PAX 10, the expo's independent game showcase. Now through September 6, the downloadable PC game is available from for just $4.99 -- a 50% savings over the regular $9.99 price. Customers can take advantage of the special offer by entering the coupon code PUZZLEPAX at checkout.

Created by award-winning designer Erin Robinson, Puzzle Bots is a light-hearted adventure guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The fun begins when Zander (who is possibly the world's most absent-minded inventor) trips over a metal box buried outside of Dr. Hugo's Factory for Making Robots. When he and his colleagues can't figure out how to open it, their "offspring" -- five tiny robots, each with a unique puzzle-solving skill -- sneak out and try it for themselves. What they discover is the first step to a grand adventure, leading to a mystery as old as the factory itself.

Puzzle Bots is one of ten indie games to be recognized at this year's Penny Arcade Expo, which begins tomorrow at the Washington State Convention Center. "Being accepted into the PAX showcase is a huge honor," says Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games' founder and CEO. "We're excited that so many gamers will be able to check out Puzzle Bots on the show floor and see how fun and creative it is. Who knew those little bots would take us this far?"

Penny Arcade Expo attendees can play Puzzle Bots in the PAX 10 area of the show floor (booth 3017). To see screenshots and video, check out the free demo, or buy the game at its limited-time $4.99 price, visit the official product page:

About Erin Robinson
Erin Robinson is a game designer, artist, and entrepreneur. Her games Spooks, Nanobots, Little Girl in Underland, and most recently Puzzle Bots have racked up an impressive number of game competition awards in her short career. She has also given talks at national gaming conferences including GDC, the Independent Games Summit, and the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Erin's blog, comics, and games can be found at

About Wadjet Eye Games
Founded in 2006, Wadjet Eye Games has developed a reputation for producing award-winning and critically acclaimed adventure games for the PC. Committed to creating unique character-driven game experiences around recognizable brands, Wadjet Eye Games has grown from a small homebrew operation to a company sought after by major publishers. The company's award-winning portfolio includes The Shivah and the Blackwell series, both of which have garnered Game Developers Choice nominations, and Puzzle Bots, which was selected for the Penny Arcade Expo's PAX 10 showcase. For more information, visit


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