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New Facebook Game „Spoing“ is now available. It is the very first game from the independent Swiss game developer „games2be“
Spoing is all about launching a ball all over the place using floating slingshots. It is a fun game, easy to pick up, fun for the whole family and very addictive.

Trapped in a cave the only hope for the player is to search the exit. Spoing plays in a wonderful looking and amazing underground world.

Spoing is all about launching a ball from floating slingshots until a goal is reached within a limited time. The player can create slingshots by himself by clicking twice. This has never been done before in a Slingshot game and is a unique and very nice feature. In advanced levels the player creates his own path through entire levels with nothing but self created slingshots.

The player creates his own unique music by playing Spoing. When shooting the ball, the slingshot acts like a piano-string and produces a sound. Big slingshots create deep sounds and short slingshots higher ones, hence when moving through a level the player creates his own little melody.

- Slingshots can be created by the player
- Interactive sound
- 50 unique levels
- 8 soundtracks
- A high-score for each level
- An overall high-score
Spoing is also soon coming to the iPhone.

About games2be
games2be GmbH is a new independent Swiss game developer founded this summer.
games2be wants to discover new game-concepts and new playgrounds. The focus lies on
easy to pick up fun games on various platforms (Facebook, iPhone etc.) suitable for the whole family.

Spoing on Facebook:

Spoing Trailer:


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