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Melbourne, Victoria/Australia - Sector3 announce the imminent release of FruitZenHD 1.0 game for Apple iPad and FruitZen for iPhone is available on the iTunes App Store this Thursday 23rd Sept.

Fabulous fruity fun features for FruitZen:
FruitZen is a wonderful fruit-a-licious, zen-like state inducing puzzle game featuring a variety of delicious dropping fruits. Specifically designed to cater to the game player who craves for a game that challenges the brain rather than the trigger finger. Easy to play but hard to master this true fruity fun!

Fruit keeps dropping from the top of your screen, simply tap groups of three or more of the same fruit that are bunched together to remove them from the board for the highest score. Clear the board for even more points. To aid you into a Zen like state of mind slide rows left and right, re-arranging the fruit to achieve greater matches & higher scores.

Play the way that suits you:

Survival - Can you take on Survival? You must survive 8 rounds of progressively harder fruits dropping, introducing more complex & challenging game play elements at every new round.

Timeless - No clock, no pressure just play on as long as you can until the fruit hits the top.

Countdown - You versus the clock, each time you make a match you are rewarded with more time, how long can you play?

Rewards await the patient, match more bunches of fruit and get rewarded with great power-ups like wild fruits or row & column insect eaters but watch out for acorns! They cannot be matched, move tiles around to get row or column insect eaters to remove those pesky acorns from your play area.

Your high scores can be automatically tracked via OpenFeint© and posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are plenty of achievements to play for and share with your friends.

Pricing and Availability

FruitZenHD for the iPad is only US$1.99 on the iTunes App Store.
FruitZen iPhone is only US$0.99 on the iTunes App Store.

  • FruitZenHD on The App Store 
  • FruitZen iPhone The App Store 
  • FruitZenHD Website: 
  • FruitZen Website 
  • FruitZen Video (YouTube) 

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Sector3 Games was founded in 2007. Sector3 is a successful publisher of desktop games such as StuntMANIA, HyperTankz, Turret Wars, Circuit Defenders, Elevens & PileUp and successful iPhone games including Tankz, Elevens, Turret Wars and Circuit Defenders and now ElevensHD and FruitZen for iPad. Sector3 Games is a division of TrickStar Games.


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