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Preview: Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 9 September 2010

Your small boat has capsized near a dark, deserted island. Your belongings are scattered and your wife, who was traveling with you, has mysteriously disappeared. Farther up the beach, a larger ship is beached with a gaping hole torn into its hull. And the people who were once aboard are nowhere to be found...

What secrets does this seemingly abandoned island hold? And why is your heart pounding in fear...?

With Twisted Lands: Shadow Town, Alawar Entertainment aims to open the door to a new level of horror in casual games. The game's spine-chilling storyline is interspersed with point & click adventure-style puzzles and dozens of detailed hidden object screens. It's intended for mature players, although a childlike dread of nightmares will put you in the right frame of mind...

Releasing later this month as PC download, the $19.95 Collector's Edition of this hidden object adventure will be exclusive to and Big Fish Games. The Collector's Edition's extras include a built-in strategy guide / walkthrough and a bonus chapter that can only be unlocked after the main scenario is completed, providing about 25% more gameplay.  
(A standard version lacking the special features will release later this fall.)


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