Friday, 3 September 2010

Indie Tennis Game Reviews

With the US Open in full swing, it seemed a good time to review Tennis Elbow Manager, where you can train one or more young tennis players to become grand slam champions (well, that's the hope anyway...)

I've previously reviewed the excellent Tennis Elbow 2011, also  made by Mana Games, creators of the tennis management game already mentioned.  For more of a full-blown tennis simulation game, Full Ace Tennis by Galactic Gaming Guild might fit the billIf you're looking more for a game that balances playing the games with controlling other aspects of an individual player's life, then New Star Tennis may just offer the challenge you're looking for.  You may be unsurprised to know that New Star Software are behind that one.

All in all this goes to show that the indie gaming sector has some terrific tennis games available for your computer.  In fact if you're a tennis fan, you're a little spoilt for choice (though I don't expect you'll be complaining about that...)   There must be quite a few tennis fans among the indie games community, judging by the response of a poll on Mana Games' forums - over half the respondents wanted them to concentrate exclusively on their tennis games rather than make more games in other genres.
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