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Hotel Tycoon Resort for various mobiles released

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hotel Tycoon Resort is a kind of lightweight time management/simulation game available for Java enabled mobile phones and BlackBerry (more to come soon).

Well it's out since a few months already but it's still going strong so maybe it's just an interesting sample you don't have to focus on the hottest and most crowded market(s) all the time.

Right now the game is the top paid app on BlackBerry AppWorld and almost all the feedback/reviews are great. Sales are of course not even close to the AppleStore, but then it's available from many stores all over the world and it's going to be released on many more stores and platforms.

About the business model - even though the game looks/is probably simpler than lots of iOS games, the development was quite a lot of work and may be much more expensive than one would expect. The reason is the huge amounts of devices to support (otherwise it's just not possible to get a game live all the network operator decks) the limited resources of the lowspec devices and the various displays and inputmethods.

Our buildsystem and codebase supports J2ME, BlackBerry and Android, multiple languages and different sets of assets as well as implemented features from one single codebase - it's a huge upfront investment but there's no way to be fast/competitive enough in this market when your manpower is very limited.

We had some great help from this forum too ... the titel/logo artwork was done by Chris/DayDream and the music by Jesse Hopkins.

The official website:
AppWorld product page:

Hotel Tycoon Resort


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