Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Free Voice Packs

There are four small generic voice packs available for free at http://www.topleka.net/

They're suitable for RPG / fighting games, CD-quality audio, and the site's author can be contacted for custom work. 

From the site itself:

Free voices for your games, animation, and other audio projects.

These voice packs are free to use for both free and commercial projects as long as you credit toplekaNET and link back to http://www.topleka.net.

Streaming sample clips contain one victory phrase, two attack cries, and one impact sound. Each downloadable voice pack contains three attack cries, three impact sounds, one power up yell, one death cry, and three victory phrases.

All sounds are in separate files, stereo, 44100Hz.

If you want to commission custom voice packs, dialogue, or other voiceovers, please email soymilk.pudding@gmail.com.
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