Thursday, 16 September 2010

Detweet. Blood...Destruction...Twitter?

Ever wandered what would happen if you combined tactical gaming with social networking?  The answer could be something like this...

This is what Shawn, the game's programmer, says about the game:
"It works by searching twitter for "tweets" and then you can build guns to "detweet" them.  I think it's a pretty original idea with some potential so I hope you can find some time to check it out.

You can also send a link to searches to your friends and challenge them like so:

I'm planning on making community based upgrades to the game.  This is a plan in which people can donate money to me and I will create new content for everyone :).  For instance for every $100 I'll make a new tower complete with new effects and upgrades."

I just had a quick go and I have to say... it's very weird.  If tweeting is your thing (or if you hate tweeting, I guess!), give it a look.
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