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Adventures of Brunhilda Now Available on Mac

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mac gamers can now enjoy the same humorous dialogues, puzzles and gameplay as Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal for Mac is released.

Warsaw, Poland - September 9, 2010 - Codeminion, a renowned independent game development studio and publisher of casual games, announced today the completion of Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal for the Mac platform. Brunhilda for Windows based PC's, developed by TwinBottles studio, has been released in July 2010 and has already won the hearts of countless gamers and reviewers around the world.

The Mac version is immediately available at the official game website and at for 9.95 USD. Both PC and Mac versions of the game are provided as a try-before-you-buy digital downloads.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is an unparalleled casual adventure game that takes players on a mysterious journey throughout the weird lands of Magical Realm. The story focuses on an ancient prophecy and makes Brunhilda personally responsible for solving the great mystery of fading magic and, as it turns out, also saving the world. Brunhilda for Mac has all the features that PC gamers have already come to love:

* Clever blend of classic adventure and hidden object game mechanics
* Over 6 hours of gameplay (longer than typical casual game)
* 10 different lands to visit with multiple locations and NPC characters
* Engaging, epic and humorous story
* All character dialogues with full professional voice over
* Beautiful hand drawn graphics
* 3 arcane mini-games to master

"The release of Brunhilda for Mac is a small but important step in our mission to develop great games and make them accessible to the widest possible audience of gamers around the world" - says Konrad Olesiewicz, Codeminion co-owner, who currently oversees the pre-production of Brunhilda 2.

Brunhilda trailer:

Official Website

About Codeminion

Founded in 2004, Codeminion S.C. has successfully developed and published many hit games such as Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, StoneLoops! of Jurassica and Magic Match. Preferring quality over quantity, Codeminion focuses on creating clever, innovative and highly polished titles for demanding gamers. To learn more about Codeminion visit

About TwinBottles

In 2008 two game developers founded Twin Bottles S.C. with one purpose in mind - to make games they themselves would like to play. Since then they are creating not just highly polished, beautiful games, but real adventures. To learn more about Twinbottles visit

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