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Rune Twister released by Bionic Nose

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rune Twister is a simple variation of Tetris and match-3 game, released by Bionic Nose.  Instead of collecting only rows of blocks, focus on colors and runes too. Rotate the blocks or the whole board, remove lying blocks by matching them or collect special runes and use them to your advantage. Green bonuses are waiting to aid you in your game, but watch out for the dangerous red ones lurking in the darkness of the board. Clean up the board and get ready for the next challenge. Have fun!


  • unlimited gameplay time
  • online highscores
  • 6 modes of difficulty
  • difficulty progression
  • 5 types of bonuses and 3 types of traps
  • soothing sounds and music
  • eye candy graphics
  • share with friends (1 game key works on 3 PC's)


  • 56 MB free disk space
    (installer size: 32 MB)
  • 64MB graphic card (or better)
  • DirectX 8 (or higher)
  • Windows XP (or higher)
  • mouse, keyboard
  • internet connection

Price: $4.99

Rune Twister Trailer

Rune Twister Official Webpage


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