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Spring Up Harmony released for Xbox

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The game's author says:

This project started as a basic port of my last PC/Mac game "Spring Up!" but turned out to be a unique game (modified gameplay, higher resolution, different levels, multiplayer mode). I took into account the reviews of the original game and improved what needed to be improved.

From the official website:

Spring Up Harmony takes the best of Breakout and Pachinko and spices it up with 2D physics. Launch balls on color-matching items to clear the 30 levels of the game and collect the ten rewards. Use motors, fans, mechanisms, hanging objects and gravity to your advantage to catch the falling objects. Challenge a friend in the multi-player mode, where both players are playing on the same screen.


Game trailer

Official Website

Spring Up Harmony on XBLA


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