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Why One Indie Developer chose PSN over WiiWare and XBLA

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In a recent interview with Charge Shot!!!, Rudolf Kremers (one half of the development team behind indie RTS Eufloria), talked about the team's decision to bring the game to the Playstation Network:

“[The Playstation Network] is the only natural place for the game really as a WiiWare version stranded early after Nintendo approached us at the IGF (they don't like that we work from a home office) and Microsoft put so many extra demands on an XBLA port that it would be both too much a financial risk as well as introduce things in gameplay terms we are not that interested in. Sony on the other hand have been genuinely enthusiastic, and have shown to be very welcoming to the indie approach we bring to the table." 

Eufloria's move to PSN is yet another example of the difference between Microsoft rigid XBLA business model and Sony's more open indie community.

Kremers also divulged what little information he could on his upcoming project Freeman and his desire to extend the IP across various media.  Please find the link below:


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