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Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 17 June 2010

This was posted on an indie developer forum, I reproduce it verbatim here but I cannot confirm or deny the veracity of the information or the trustworthiness of this particular site.  (If you have had experience using them I'd be grateful if you could , whether your experience was good or bad).  From a quick look at the site it seems genuine enough.


I am Jacky Zheng from, we are now starting distribute
casual games with our own DRM system and payment gateway. Welcome to submit your games to our site.

1. You get 50% revenue share of the gross sales.
2. You set your game's price, we do not change it or discount it. (We recommend $9.99)
3. We do not withhold any taxes for you, you get all your revenue.
4. You can access detailed sales report after you register our developer zone.
5. We pay you by paypal or wire transfer every month.
6. We can help you translate your game to Chinese and sell it in the China, HongKong, TaiWan and Singapore.

We will sign a agreement with you after your game accept.

Just go here:



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