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Star Hammer Tactics now available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Black Lab Games is pleased to announce that its new tactical battle game, Star Hammer Tactics, is now available for the Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Strike Group Commanders are urgently needed to command the forces of the Novus Space Navy as they defend the planet Novus from the dangerous and mysterious alien race known as the Nautilids.

Star Hammer Tactics is an easy-to-learn game of tactical battles. Deploy your forces, engage your enemy and outwit them to achieve victory by blasting them to pieces! Along with the single-player campaign, Star Hammer Tactics features a choice of skirmish modes - single player against a devious AI, or the local multi-player mode in which gamers will compete for glory and bragging rights!

Star Hammer Tactics takes the strategy gaming genre and strips it to it's bare essentials. Designed to be enjoyed by gamers of all persuasions – from strategy gaming diehards looking for a lighter experience, to new recruits dipping their toes into the world of strategy gaming for the first time – Star Hammer Tactics is fun and captivating.

• Engaging tactical battles : individually control each ship in your fleet.
• Easy-to-learn rules; learn to play in minutes!
• Single-player campaign mode.
• Skirmish modes : create your own custom fleet, then duel against a friend in local multi-player, or take on the challenging AI.
• Use missiles to devastate your enemy from afar, or engage in close quarters ship-to-ship combat!

See find out more about Star Hammer Tactics, please visit, or see the trailer at

Star Hammer Tactics is available now on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for just 240 Microsoft points.

About Black Lab Games
Black Lab Games, a boutique game development studio specializing in modern downloadable games with a hint of nostalgic flavor. Headquartered in the city of Perth, Western Australia, the company was established in 2008. For more information, please visit

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Star Hammer Tactics - Out now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.


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