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Six people, six countries and a gelatinous blob

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 21 June 2010

My Escape Games, the newest star in the galaxy of online Flash games, is proud to announce its establishment and the birth of their first game, codenamed “Krong.” While currently in development and aimed to release in third quarter of 2010, its desired audience includes anyone with internet access and a few spare minutes. Through Krong, My Escape has brought together the talent, skills, and humor of game aficionados spread around the world.

The serendipitous meeting of audio designer and Illinois resident, George Hufnagl, British designer and writer Duane Beckett, and Scottish programmer Gillian Patterson has led to the conceptualization of numerous game ideas post-Krong and a rapid expansion of the team. With Australian artist Simon Turnbull, Indian advertising consultant Susmita Das, and Canadian programmer Alan Rawkins, My Escape is now a full-fledged game development group that maintains group loyalty through a community forum, Skype and occasional gatherings through gaming networks to play together.

To etch the brand in online gamers' memory, My Escape seeks to create games that will entertain and appeal to those seeking a less-immersive gaming experience and a quick escape from quotidian reality. Competing in the online gaming industry that boasts to reach nearly one out of every two internet users (Flash Games Market Survey, ComScore via Mochi Media, 2010), My Escape is set to play ball by introducing games centered around oddness, strangeness, and peculiarity.

For more information about My Escape, including Krong or future games, contact George Hufnagl, Audio Designer and Production Manager at or visit our website at


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