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First Character Reveal for "RPG2"

Posted by Mr. Slate on Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Graveltrain has released the first five characters for their upcoming Strategy RPG 'RPG2'.

Lion,Nun,Kumo,Pele and Pillar are shown individually, as well as together in a group picture. Head over to and peruse the newly added 'Characters' page to view the 'Team Pic'.

It's obvious that the designs were meant to convey personality and power, and I'm taking this opportunity to say that they wield wildly individualized types of energies and magics. Gameplay-wise they will effect different aspects of the battle system and need to be appropriately utilized to achieve victory through working together as a fighting force.

The question is... are they looking for trouble, or are they fighting for a noble cause?


CaptainD said...

Whether they're on the side of good or evil, I wouldn't want to meet any of them in a dark alley!

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