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Stone Mountain, Georgia -- June 17, 2010 -- Eight Virtues is seeking public funds for the development of Sanctimonia, a multiplayer online game focusing on the building blocks of societies, the beauty and perils of the natural world and arcade style real-time combat. Sanctimonia hopes to reconcile the opposing gameplay mechanics of total freedom and gameplay restrictions to alleviate “griefing” by enabling real-world societal behavior such as the cooperative implementation and enforcement of laws. This will facilitate the creation of simple governments, including constitutions, bills of rights, police, trade law and inter-village diplomacy.

* Real-time arcade-style gamepad-optimized gameplay.
* Orientation rotation, strafing, circle strafing, hand-to-hand and missile combat as basic movements.
* Detailed building construction using acquired natural resources (no pre-fab buildings; complete player control). Players may collaborate to clear fields and forests or flatten mountain tops to build small villages, castles or grand walled cities.
* Create group organizations, vote, write legal documents, post public signs and assign duties. Players may create tightly or loosely regulated societies, writing and enforcing whatever laws they choose.
* Ability to knock opponents unconscious, bind them and move them, allowing for more subtle justice than simply killing an offender.
* Fully-customizable offline player AI, whether choosing a basic AI template or plotting a detailed weekly schedule with movement paths and other-player interactions.
* Hunting, mining, skilled trades, buying, selling, trading, contracts.
* Harvesting, using and combining natural resources with themselves or other objects to create new objects including food, medicine, poison, tools, weapons, building materials and works of art.
* Confining, breeding and slaughtering livestock.
* Planting seeds, watering, and adding compost to the soil to nurture crops to fruition.
* Landscape excavation for construction, farming or defense.

Game Information:
Title: Sanctimonia
Genre: Multiplayer Online Game
Platform: Linux, Windows and MacOS via virtualization (VirtualBox) and LiveCD (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
Release Date: 2011
Price: Client and server are free under GPL version 2, player subscriptions start at $5 per month

Minimum System Specifications:
Internet or LAN connection, 3 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, sound card, game pad

About Eight Virtues:
Eight Virtues is privately owned and operated by husband and wife team Kevin and Maria Fishburne. Headquartered in Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta Georgia, our services extend to the homes, businesses, and government agencies of the continental United States. Kevin Fishburne has been developing games as a hobby since the age of 13, taking his influences from such legendary games as Ultima (IV, V, VI, VII), Might & Magic (I, II), Gauntlet, and NES and arcade action titles.

Kevin Fishburne (Lead Developer)
Telephone: 770.853.6271


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