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DX Studio v4 to include cross platform support

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 24 June 2010

Date: 24th June 2010

DX Studio v4 to include cross platform support

Software developers Worldweaver Ltd, based in Pinewood Studios (UK), announce upcoming features of DX Studio v4, due for release later this summer.

Key to version 4.0 will be a new player for Android devices (such as the Google Nexus One or the Motorola Droid), and a lightweight cross platform Java+OpenGL player.

Other important v4 features include instant edit and preview, editor based performance monitoring, additional water and terrain tools, and a significant performance upgrade to the rendering engine.

“We are very excited about offering cross platform support to our existing users. The ability to publish DX Studio built games on a wider range of devices has been an increasingly popular request.” said CEO and founder Chris Sterling. “We also hope the move will attract a significant number of new users to our engine, offering a cost effective way to build apps and games for the latest mobile phones.”

The price of DX Studio v4 will remain unchanged, with no upgrade fees for existing users and no additional license fees for publishing on the new platforms.

Full details of all the new features planned for the version 4.0 release can be found at


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