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Knoxville, TN—June 3, 2010Double Apps Inc. announced today the release a new 1.2 lite version of their Pounce application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad available immediately on the Apple App Store. Pounce Lite is a free app preceded by the already available paid full version. 

“We are very excited to release this new lite version to the already popular full version of Pounce.” Says David Levi, President of Double Apps Inc. “The lite version has tons of great features, beautiful graphics and best of all, it’s free” 

Pounce is a multi-player speed card game. Game play is similar to solitaire, except that you are competing to play your cards faster than your opponents. Earn points for cards you play into the shared center field, and be the first to empty your Pounce pile to score bonus points. 

Features in the Lite version of Pounce include:
- Single player games against up to 2 virtual opponents at slow or medium speed.
- Multiple card face, card back, and playing field designs.
- Left-handed and right-handed modes.
- Multiple playing styles:
- Pounce pile can be face-up or face-down (face-up makes for faster game play).
- Bonus or penalty scoring methods when a player calls 'Pounce!
- Play a set number of hands, or play to a specific score.
- In-depth tutorial teaches you how to play.

Additional features in the full version of Pounce include:
- Single player games against up to 4 virtual opponents at slow, medium, fast, or hyper speeds.
- Head-to-Head games on a single device with 2 people and up to 2 virtual opponents.
- Multi-player games with up to 5 total players (up to 4 virtual opponents and/or 4 human players).
- Single player and Head-to-Head games are saved if Pounce is interrupted or you exit 

Double Apps Inc is an iPhone and iPad application development business based in Knoxville, Tennessee, founded by twenty-year veteran of software development, David B. Levi. Double Apps provides app development services and also develops games for the iPhone and iPad. 

Pounce at the AppStore 
Pounce Lite at the AppStore


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