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Dawn's Light 2 Announced

Posted by John Wizard on Saturday, 19 June 2010

We've just announced our new game, Dawn's Light 2. This will be the direct sequel to the original Dawn's Light and will feature many returning characters. Here's some of the new things that we're excited about:

* Create unique weapons by combining materials you find during your quest. Your weapon's power, design and name are all up to you.

* All new puzzles, mini games and side quests to keep you busy as you work you way through the main quest.

* Join Harvey on a brand new adventure. Harvey is struggling to adapt to his post adventure life. Days and nights no longer have any meaning. That is until his deceased brother Victor shows up at his doorstep.

Victor offers Harvey a chance to give his life purpose again. Are Victor's intentions pure or does he have something sinister planned for our hero?

Stay tuned to as we get closer to the release.


CaptainD said...

Good stuff. This reminds me I have to play the first game and complete Li;y & Sasha soon - why are there always more games than hours in the day to play them?!

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