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BlueCat Games release "Mystic Flower"

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 11 June 2010

BlueCat Games releases v1.0 of Mystic Flower, a fast paced, exciting and fun casual game. Collect flowers to reach each level’s goals, but be careful about mistakes! If the flowers wither before you end the stage, you will have to start all over again! Don’t worry, though, mystic flowers are here to help you! Gather rows of flowers in order to have the mystic flowers appear, and your journey will become easier!

Mystic Flower is an innovative mix of arcade and memory game perfectly suited for casual game audience (females over 30 are especially targeted), offering hours of fun and addictiveness.

First 15 introductory levels are free, serial number required to play the other 35 levels.

Unique and exciting gameplay
Fast-paced and addictive
50 challenging levels
14 mesmerizing mystic flowers
Hours of fun

Visit for more details about the game.


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