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Press Release - Freeman

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sorry this is late, only just saw it:

Press Release - May 06, 2010:
Crack team of indie game developers announce “FREEMAN”

Byron Atkinson-Jones, Dugan Jackson, Rudolf Kremers and Brian Grainger have banded together to develop an exciting new indie game. The game’s working title is “FREEMAN” and it has been in development for several months.

About the game:
Although early days yet there are a number of aspects to the game that can be shared:

  • Freeman is a celebration of classic Sci-Fi, of science in general and of brave explorers of all kinds
  • Gameplay is focused on exploration mechanics and a strong sense of discovery and sense of wonder
  • It is a non-linear, 2d exploration game with strong narrative elements
  • The game will be very moddable by players and fans

A release is planned sometime in 2011, whenever the team feels the game has reached its intended quality level. The game is being produced and published by Rudolf Kremers’ independent game company Omni Systems, which means that the developers are free to march to their own beat. The focus is therefore squarely on quality and on the game’s development goals.

“Since we are big fans of the Sci-Fi genre we are thrilled to create a homage to classics like “2001 a Space Odyssey” or “Ringworld.”
Rudolf Kremers

About the team:
Freeman is being developed by an eclectic group of indies, namely: Byron Atkinson-Jones (code), Dugan Jackson (art), Rudolf Kremers (design) and Brian Grainger (music). Byron runs his own company Xiotex Studios and has worked on many well known projects, including a stint at Introversion, Dugan is massively experienced as well and has just finished work on Dave Parsons’ Gravity Crash after having made the excellent demake “Rock Boshers”.  Brian can’t stop making great records and is responsible for the great music and much of the audio on Eufloria.

Future News:
Follow the game’s progress on its dedicated website at, while its development will be blogged and written about on the individual websites of the Freeman development team members:



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