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Default Indie Game Competition - $15k and possible publishing deals!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Message from 2BeeGames:

It's that time of year again.
We're throwing the 2nd Indie Game Contest over at
Grand Prize is $10,000 and a publishing deal to console (deal is negotiated after the contest. You keep all rights to your games by entering )
Community favorite wins $5000
Hurry, the submission deadline is OCTOBER 15th.
A few developers from these forums made the top 10 last year! Who will make the cut this time?

What we're really looking for is great indie games who want to get on another platform, needs some help further enhancing the game, etc.

We may discuss publishing deals with some developers even without winning.
PC/MAC games, Flash, and XNA games and maybe some other types are accepted.
Any questions? Shoot me an email or PM.

Game demos and betas are fine.


Martijn Zandvliet said... --> That shows a $100,000 grand prize, which by my rough estimates is... 10 times more attractive. ;)

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