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Aldorlea Games announce the release of Ella's Hope

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 10 May 2010

Aldorlea Games ( are pleased to announce the release of the newest Aldorlea Game - Ella's Hope.

Click Here to open Ella's Hope Info Page

High in the mountains of Estis an ancient stone marks a portal between mortals and angels. The angels have long since stopped interfering in the matters of the world yet there are a group of select few who watch over the land below as powerful Guardians.

Each year the most promising individuals from across the lands are invited to take part in the Trials - their prize is to become a Candidate for Guardianship, to train amongst the clouds for a chance to join the elite ones.

Yet our story is not focused on those specially invited ones - instead meet Ella, a girl with a mysterious past having been found on the mountainside in a storm just under a year ago and now working as a maid in the local Inn.

This game is the latest release from the company who have brought you Dreamscape, Millennium, Laxius Force, Asguaard, 3 Stars of Destiny and more. Full of adventure, story, developments, choices, alternative endings and all supported by a great cast of characters - can you help Ella and friends on this journey?



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