Sunday, 4 April 2010

RPG2 in Development

Indie developer GravelTrain's first game is in development. As Captain D pointed out on the 'Meet the team' page, it's temporarily cryptically titled 'RPG2'. Here are a few screenshots of the Battle System in action...

During battle, a grid based system is used for movement of your characters and the enemies.

Command selections (such as 'Attack') are made using an intuitive combination of arrow keys and the mouse. The result is a marriage of console and PC style input.

After a particular board's enemies are defeated, the Victory screen appears displaying the character's current experience in a bar-graph. The gained experience is then added before returning to the non-battle exploration control setting.

Be careful not to get yourself into a poor battle position or you will be vulnerable from multiple directions. The enemies will be sure to exploit their position and knock a good deal of Hit Points out of you.

Keep your eyes open for updates on this truly original RPG!
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