Thursday, 22 April 2010

Indie Game Reviewers Wanted!

Ok, so it looks like readers of want to see reviews.  For that, I'll need reviewers...  so if you're interested, drop me an email, telling me what platform you can review games on, and if there are any genres in particular you'd like to get games for.  At this stage I mainly get sent PC and iPhone games (I have one iPhone reviewer already though I might need more; I review PC games myself but on my PC Gaming Blog, so I'd like to have someone who can review indie PC game releases here too).

Here's the deal; if I get sent review copies, I'll send them to the appropriate person.  I can't offer payment but you will get free games and I'm not asking for exclusivity - you'll be free to post your review on your own blog / other sites whatever (though a link back to the original review on this site would be appreciated).    Please note that some review copies are time-limited and will be deactivated after the review is written (though in my own personal experience, this has never actually happened). 

What I'm looking for is people who can provide an honest, objective review that is well written and doesn't contain offensive language.  I can't guarrantee what games I might be sent review copies for or what system; however as becomes more established, I fully expect more developers to contact me asking for reviews.  If you want to also review games here that you've been sent from another source / you've bought then that's great, but it's completely optional.

I've updated the Contact Us page to reflect this new approach to review copies.

Check the comments on this post for updates on whether people who can review indie games on particular systems are urgently needed.
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