Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Warfare Studios announce the release of "Sinners, Truth Be Told"

- Sinners: Truth Be Told -

For years the queen Lorelai has ruled over Uboro, with a fierce but also kind hand, she have always treated her people as family, and never saw anyone as an enemy for life. Lorelai believes in people and in their goodness, their ability to change and improve.

It seems the good years are over though... a mysterious group arrived in Uboro and started making a revolution, claiming that they have the real queen with them, and that Lorelai was not destined to be the queen, that she made her way to the throne with deceptions and frauds.

The kingdom is on a bad situation, as followers attack, steal and hurt what Lorelai loves the most, the people of Uboro. The queen must find a way out, and for that she counts with 3 powerful allies. Victoria, her adopted daughter and one of the strongest warriors in the kingdom, Alkor, a former outlaw to whom Lorelai granted forgiveness in exchange of his services, Celine, an innocent but powerful girl raised by the castle's most powerful white mages.

They're all close to the queen, and they will become even closer to each other, they will need to stand together to survive and move foward.

- Characters -

Victoria - Victoria was bought by Lorelai from her parents, which were slaves, Lorelai raised her as a daughter but Victoria refused to be treated with privileges, as soon as she could she joined the army and became one of the most influent and respected warriors in the kingdom.

Alkor- Not much is know about Alkor most of his past remains a mystery even to que queen to whom he owes some sort of obligation. That's because Lorelai granted him forgiveness for the crimes he commited in the past..

Fascinating... this looks like it was made with RPG Maker XP, but some of the screenshots immediately made me think it was made with AGS...

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