Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Utopian Games release BuzzBee for the iPhone

About the Game:

Fly from flower to flower pollinating as you go to increase your score.

Go for Speed combos or play it safe but make sure your aim is true or you will lose the bee.


  • Easy pick up and play game mechanic.
  • Stunning vector art work from sprite attack.
  • Full lengh high quality music scores from talented musician Ben reason.
  • Voice over by a professional opera singer.
  • One touch game play ensures wide appeal.
  • 10 Rounds of play.
  • Challenging later levels.
  • Family friendly and suitable for everyone.
  • High score table.
  • Addictive game play with that "just one more go" pull.
  • Quick play lets you get back into the action within seconds.
  • Available now priced $1.99.


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