Sunday, 7 March 2010

Special Offers from "My Game Company"

Special Offers
This month, Viqua Games has dropped the prices for each of their games to only $5.99 each! If you haven't tried one of these great games, now is the time to do so, and if you like, buy!

Cindy's Sundaes is a great matching puzzle game that lets you design your own ice cream sundaes and see them in the game! This game is available for Windows only.

First Class Flurry is a fun time management game that has you serving guests on a jet while the scenery passes by below. This game is available for Mac and Windows.

Tommy and the Magical Words (also known as Thomas as the Magical Words) is a Scrabble-style word game in which you build a path to the level exit by making words. This game is available for Mac and Windows. Unfortunately for us, the company we get the Mac version through still has the game listed at full price. But you can buy the discounted Mac version directly from the developer Red Marble Games here (we just won't get any commission for the sale).
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