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Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 26 March 2010

Okay, so this isn't new news - the game has been out for about a year - but since I've only just come across it, I'm giving it a mention.

Snakeworlds takes the classic snake concept and twists it round - specifically, by making the game area a 3D globe.

  • A complete 3D experience - Say NO to flat worlds! Using polar based movement, Snake moves very much like we do on Earth.
  • Three unique worlds* - Play on more then 24 globes, each with its own unique layout and styled in one of the three themes.
  • Power-ups & upgrades - During the game, Snake can be upgraded in several ways. Try all options for maximum re-play value.
  • Netbook support - Snakeworlds has been optimised for netbooks/mini-laptops, which makes this a very portable Snake indeed!
*Only in the full game
For more info, to download the demo or buy the game (€4.95 / $6.80), visit:

Gameplay Video:


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