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Psycho-Sphere - Behind the Scenes

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 11 March 2010

I asked Robert of Infinite Replay Software what the inspiration was behind their new release Psycho-Sphere.  Here's the answer:

"I was inspired by games such as Geometry Wars, SuperStarDust HD, and EveryDay Shooter. All three involve lots of particles/debris, vivid colors, fairly simple even definitely retro graphics styles as in Geometry Wars and EveryDay Shooter, and also simple but addictive gameplay. Of the three I was most influenced by Geometry Wars which I personally found to be the most enjoyable. After much thought I decided to base Psycho-Sphere on simple retro style graphics, lots of explosions, flashes of color, and 3d particles that come at you at all angles, along with a combination of realistic explosions and retro style game sounds. If I had to come up with a definition of the game in three words it would be "3d interactive fireworks". 

The price $3.95 for the game is even inspired by Geometry Wars which is similarly priced. My hope is to generate enough revenue from this game to continue these kind of advanced retro style fun remakes. Some of the remakes I have in mind involve classic games like Defender, Centipede and Super Breakout. So if retro game fans want to see more games like this I would tell them to please purchase a copy of Psycho-Sphere." 

[Hint, hint...]  

Well, can't blame someone for trying to boost sales.  My review of Psycho-Sphere may help you decide whether it will be your sort of game.  I have to admit that on the basis of this first release, I'm really interested in seeing what Infinite Replay Software's update of Centipede would be like...

Don't forget to check out the Official Psycho-Sphere Website!


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