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KOG just got powered up!

Posted by saimo on Monday, 29 March 2010

Back in 2007, a game was born from a rib of BOH, when the latter was in early state of development: its name was KOG. After a month or so of development, it got released. Lately, during the development of the latest update of BOH, something convinced me to update those parts of code that KOG had originally imported from BOH and that, in the meanwhile, have improved a lot. Bad move: I found myself heavily reworking the whole game! Eventually, the game was brought to new heights and it is now available for free to everyone who feels like getting mad at me ;)


KOG homepage


CaptainD said...

I just might want to get mad at you! :-D

saimo said...


gnome said...

And there's even an Amiga version! Why, that's really great!

saimo said...

The game has been actually created on an Amiga (this one I'm using right now) ;)

CaptainD said...

[sigh] - as a former Atari ST owner, this is making me really nostalgic for all those arguments with Amiga owners about which computer was better... :-D

saimo said...

CaptainD, just to be clear: I'm talking of AmigaOS 4, not one of the "classic" machines (A500, A1200, etc.).

As for the Amiga VS Atari debate, well, I never had a single argument with anybody... and actually never ever even read the Atari machines specs until recently, and now I have to say that...
... no, I'll just shut up! :D

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