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Gratuitous Space Battles Updated - Message from Positech Games

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Its that time again, time for space battles to be patched so they are even more gratuitous than before!
We just released version 1.36 of Gratuitous Space Battles, compelte with a new demo. The updated version is live now and will filter out to our partners such as steam over the next few days. Your game will auto-patch if you have put in your serial code and picked a username. If you haven't already got GSB, get it here!
It might sound scary that there have been 36 patches for GSB, but most of those have contained new content rather than just pesky bug fixes.

The changes in this latest version are:

version 1.36
1) Bug Fix: Limpet launcher UI no longer shows it tracking targets and firing if all mines are currently launched.
2) Bug Fix: Limpet launchers no longer draw if cloaked.
3) Usability: Ship icons on the deployment screen now list their speed and cost in the mouseover tooltips.
4) Usability: The post challenge button greys out once you have actually submitted the challenge
5) New Feature: New option after a challenge victory to retaliate with the fleet you just won with.
6) Usability: The 'go to fleet hq' button isn't an option any more for the outcome window during challenges, when you don't earn honor anyway.
7) Bug Fix: Fixed bug where some fighters, depending on speed, may not be able to dock with a carrier.
8) New Feature: New 'challenge details' screen, complete with retaliation list and image previews.
9) New Feature: 'stick together' order for fighters, keeps them clustered in squadrons.
10) Bug Fix: Intel GMA 450 video cards now correctly default to software processing and don't crash on startup
11) Bug Fix: The ship design screen now correctly calculates armor resistance, which was previously wrong!
It's a mix of tiny bug fixes, some UI tweaks and new features line on-line challenge retaliations, which will make fighting to-and-fro battles between GSB players much easier. If you would rather we added something different to the game and think we are doing it all wrong, then GET INVOLVED! We read every suggestion posted here, and a lot of the new features for the game come direct from gamers suggestions.

If you want to keep up to date with GSB, don't forget you can follow us on facebook here, and also at the blog here. And if you don't already have the Order and Tribe expansion packs for the game, you can get them here and here. Please feel free to pester all your friends into getting a copy of GSB too. You know their lives are incomplete without it...

Happy Battling!


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