Monday, 8 March 2010

Entertainment Media Council Reveals Charter Membership Program

SAN DIEGO (March 8, 2010) Entertainment Media Council, the first and only U.S. association for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in the interactive entertainment business, today revealed that the new organization is now signing charter members.

Founded in 2008, Entertainment Media Council serves business decision-makers—such as entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and senior managers—who own or lead companies in every category throughout the interactive entertainment supply chain.

“Entertainment Media Council exists to transform the way the game is played and advance the industry to the next level,” according to founder Morgan Ramsay. “The path we have chosen is difficult, but the rewards will be great. We are seeking Charter Members, businesses whose leaders believe in our mission, to help us forward.”

For their commitment, Charter Members will receive lifetime recognition and honorary lifetime memberships for key personnel. Charter Members will be responsible for empowering the association and, by extension, the industry as a whole to:
  • increase the success rate of new firms;
  • stabilize the business landscape;
  • explore and create new business models;
  • reduce unnecessary and wasteful layoffs;
  • and effect other significant changes.
Interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website,, which has been expanded with more information about Entertainment Media Council, the board of directors and advisory group, and the value of individual and charter membership.
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