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Dysnomia released on XBox Live

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 18 March 2010

Stranded with a failing ship and a lack of supplies after narrowly escaping certain death, a lone space marine must find his way home.

The closest sign of civilisation: a remote mining outpost on Dysnomia, moon of the planet Eris. Forced to make an emergency landing and with all attempts to make contact with the outpost failing, the marine must scavenge what he can to refuel and repair his ship - and perhaps discover the fate of the outpost's inhabitants.

Classic shoot-em-up action in the vein of Alien Breed and Gauntlet, with a few Team Mango gameplay twists thrown in. 

Featuring two-player co-op, survival and exploration elements, and detailed hand-crafted 2D art; Dysnomia is available to download NOW on Xbox Live Indie Games.


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