Thursday, 4 March 2010

Activision announces the 2010 Activision Independent Game Competition!

Details on this are really sketchy at the moment, but hidden deep within the recesses of Activision's website is this press release - you don't particularly need to click on the link though, the entire text of the press release is below:

This summer, one developer will win funding to make their game development dreams a reality. The official entry form and eligibility requirements will be posted in a few weeks. In the meantime, this is what we’ll be looking for in submissions:

- A two-page summary of your proposed game. Please include three to five bullet-point elements or goals that you feel define your project (i.e. “open-world,” “puzzle-based,” “flying dragon combat”). Beyond that, you may structure these two pages as you see fit; creativity is encouraged.

- A video, no longer than five minutes, explaining and illustrating your game. Footage of your game in motion, character models, animatics – show your project and its elements however you feel would be most compelling.

- The official entry form, which will be posted here soon

- A non-disclosure agreement, which will be posted here soon

So get ready to send us your ideas either on your own or on a team.

Check back for more information in early March, and good luck!

More information when it becomes available!
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