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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

LONDON, UK - September 29, 2014 - Eleon Game Studios has released the first pre-alpha gameplay trailer for its upcoming game “Empyrion - Galactic Survival”.

Empyrion - Galactic Survival is a 3D free roaming, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers. The game is unique because it combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. Empyrion is an unusual blend between Eve Online, Space Engineers, Minecraft, Rust and Halo - all in one package!

Game features:
* Space and planet exploration (a real free roaming experience!)
* Resource gathering and survival
* Building of spaceships and bases, extensive crafting system
* Space and land combats
* Single, multiplayer and co-operative
* Huge procedural galaxy and open world

Kickstarter campaign and Steam Greenlight launch: Oct 2014
Release date: March 2015 (Alpha - early access), Dec 2015 (final release)
Platform: Windows PC


ABOUT Eleon Game Studios:
Eleon Game Studios is an independent game studio based in London (UK) and Rastatt (Germany). We are professionals of game and/or software development where the average team member has more than 10 years of industry experience.

Empyrion Screenshots:

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Neon Battleground - online multiplayer shooter for iOS, Android and WP8

A small indie game studio calling themselves Beetleplay (actually made up of two brothers) have recently released Neon Battleground, an online multiplayer shooter for handheld devices running iOS, Android or Windows 8.  Players can challenge each other across platforms.

"Real people from around the world, a lot of ships with unique abilities and different maps. In the battles you will earn coins and experience and will be able to upgrade your ship or buy boosters at the start of each round."

Check out the Official Website for details and store links.  The game is free to play with in-app purchases available.  (Screenshots below are from the iPad version.)

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Saturday, 27 September 2014


Nyu Media is delighted to announce that the doujin JRPG The Sacred Tears TRUE made its English language debut on 25th September 2014 on Steam for PC (Windows), priced only $9.99.

The Sacred Tears TRUE is a doujin RPG that blends the best of the JRPG genre with innovative and fun game elements, plus high quality art and music in one honest-to-goodness gem of a game. 

(If like me you had no idea what a "doujin" RPG is, it seems to refer to something that's been self-published.)

Seil and his childhood friend Seana are neophyte thieves in the Thieves Guild of Genoseed City. By day they work at their private investigation agency, “Millionaire”; by night they undertake missions across the city on behalf of the Thieves Guild. Sacred Tears TRUE is the story of these young thieves and their pursuit of dreams and adventure. 

Sacred Tears TRUE brings both traditional JRPG elements and fresh and unique features such as a deceptively simple but deep card battle system, redistributable skill points, graphics by Takashi KONNO (Shichinin no Bukiya), and music by Hiroyuki Ojima (Accel WorldWhen They Cry anime) and Shimotsuki Haruka (Atelier Iris, Ace Attorney Orchestral Performance

Each of the 48 chapters in Sacred Tears TRUE comprises of a single mission or case. Each chapter is a standalone episode, but as the game progresses, the world and characters are further explored and the main dramatic story arc plays out. 


  • Quite simply one of the best ever doujin RPG and a must-have for any JRPG fan!
  • Fresh and engaging characters, stories, and drama – from comedy to romance to political intrigue.
  • Traditional and new JRPG features, including a unique card battle system, redistributable skill points, and multiway system!
  • Outstanding replay value: 24 main story chapters and 24 side chapters!
  • Chapter (5–30 mins each) format for easy play!
  • A treasure trove of beautiful, high quality character art by Takashi KONNO!
  • An exceptional original soundtrack by Ojima Hiroyuki & Shimotsuki Haruka!

About Nyu Media, Ltd.
Nyu Media, Ltd. is the world's leading localizer and publisher of independent Japanese video games. By combining high quality localizations, broad distribution and accessible price points, Nyu Media enables global gamers to fully enjoy excellent indie titles as well as support the indie game development in Japan.

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The Apotheosis Project - Trailer

A trailer has been launched of Midian Design's latest adventure game, The Apotheosis Project, to be published by Screen7:

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Outland 17: Void of Liberty

I've heard of Steampunk and Dieselpunk but this on describes itself as "Colonialpunk"!

Outland 17: Void of Liberty is a turn-based tactical RPG designed to be accessible for casual gamers but enjoyable for the hardcore community.  It features open-ended character progression, choices that have a genuine impact on what happens in the game, and an epic sci-fi music score.   

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.  The team developing Outland 17 are currently seeking support on the Square Enix Collective - if you like the look of it head over to this page and click on the "YES" button!

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