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Monday, 1 September 2014

Skjaar - horror / fantasy / steampunk all rolled into one

Skjaar is a hybrid steampunk/horror/fantasy adventure game with elements of action and stealth for PC and Mac. The trailer is interesting... the sound quality needs some work but it's got a lot of atmosphere.

Plot snippet:

"It’s 1861, and the Civil War is flaring across the continent. Orphan twins Orin and Camille Halloran have been transferred to the newly founded Washington Finishing School of Medicine, where they are taught to provide on-battlefield medical aid and survive under attack.

Camille’s roommate is their old friend Nea, and Orin stays with his friend Derek, who also happens to be Camille’s boyfriend. The pace at the school turns out to fast and intense, with people from all over the Union. It looks like the next few months are planned out for them, until one morning the whole school wakes up to find an enormous black castle-like thing lodged between the two main buildings. Nobody saw how it got there."

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign (26 days to go at time of posting this).

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Incoming! Goblins Attack: tower defense action for both newcomers and experts

Hamburg, 29th of August 2014 - The invasion of the goblins won’t end: The successful tower defense game “Incoming! Goblins Attack” thrills players around the world. Xyrality, the developer and publisher from Hamburg, has registered over 1,000,000 downloads within a very short time and has gotten positive feedback from countless gamers. The completely free app offers loads of content, tactical variety and longterm motivation with it's 160 levels, more than 80 different types of monsters and many possible upgrades. The steep difficulty level of the later levels will prove a challenge even for the most hardened tacticians, but with the help of the automatically refilling diamonds and a few tactical adjustments, even the hardest levels can be mastered.

“Incoming! Goblins Attack does not only have cool graphics and beautiful ambient sounds, but it offers a great gaming experience for both newcomers and experts in the strategy genre with it’s easy to learn, hard to master principle”, says Volker Dressel, CMO at Xyrality.

Incoming! Goblins Attack is available here:

About Incoming! Goblins Attack
Incoming! Goblins Attack is a free-to-play tower defense game with fantastic 3d comic graphics. The players defend themselves against hordes of onrushing monsters in 160 levels. The diverse defense towers can be upgraded and also improved during battle to anticipate the enemies' tactics. The players support their defense with magic spells against the various attacks of the mean creeps. With the large amount of levels, upgrades and monsters, Incoming! Goblins Attack provides strategic depth and lots of variety for a long-term gaming fun.

Xyrality is a sustainable growing, independent Hamburg developer and publisher consisting 60 dedicated employees. This young company develops and markets games, which are available on smartphones and tablets as well as web browsers. The debut title “Lords & Knights”, is an innovative strategy-building-MMOG in a medieval setting. Within a few months of the publication in June 2011, Xyrality evolved to become one of the most successful start-ups in the industry. Pocketgamer.biz proclaimed Xyrality as one of the Top 50 mobile Developers of 2013 worldwide; in 2012 and 2013 Xyrality featured several times in “Best of Apple’s App Store”. Today the portfolio includes nine titles that have altogether been downloaded more than 10 million times; Other games are to be published soon.

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