Sunday, 30 August 2015

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine's demo is now out

Open-world RPG for PC, Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, has had its demo released as of today, and the full version will be out on August 31.

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine takes place in Nova Scotia in 2048, where you take control of the Gachduine, a resistance group unknown to the public, who are fighting the Cult of the Symbiote, a regulations group that is attempting to take control of every aspect of Nova Scotian life in the guise of making the province a safer place under their complete rule.

The player will be able to alter the main story through a major choice midway through the main quest, as well as at the game's start, where they can either import a save file from Skylight Freerange 1 or choose the setting's past to change the story, available characters and final battles.

The player will also be able to explore an open world with optional dungeons containing rare weapons, side quests with consequences that add up to 1 of 3 ultimate side quests, and social situations where they can make friends with their team members, enter relationships and in some cases have them move in with them, as well as eventually engage in group activities (such as starting an online guild, guys/girls night out, etc.) later on.

The XNA 3.1 Redistributable is required (and included) to play Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine.

The demo can be found here. The demo has enough content in the area of 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on how much you do and explore outside of the main quest, what difficulty, speed of the player, etc.

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine contains a lot of mature content and is no way suitable for younger audiences.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Interview - Anarchist, developer of Dragon Knights of Valeria (online RPG)

It’s been a while since I did an interview!  Thought I’d do something a little different so I’m interviewing the dev on an online RPG, in which you can also earn or spend Crytpocurrency (HYPER, GoldPieces, HTML5 coin, Flappycoin, Coin2 and Einsteinum are supported).  The game is called Dragon Knights of Valeria and the dev goes by the screen name of Anarchist.

1/ Was there any particular inspiration behind you developing "Dragon Knights of Valeria"?

I was looking for new ways to drive traffic to my database website, and since I love creating things I decided to do a remake of the game Dragon Knight. I had done another project in the past with Dragon Knight so I was familiar with the code and how it worked.

2/ How long has the game been in development now?

I started working on the game around the beginning of March 2015. The game officially went live on March 10, 2015 and has been in constant development for over 5 months now.

3/ What has been the most challenging aspect of making the game?

The most challenging aspect of making the game would be keeping on top of everything. Making sure inquiries are replied to in a timely manner, sending out payments from the game, and trying to spread information on the game while keeping new updates rolling in are the most time consuming.

4/ What are your goals for the game in the long-term?

My long term goals for the game are to attract as many people into gaming and crypto currency as I can, while trying to balance the game out to be self sustaining.

5/ How big a part of gaming do you think cryptocurrency will become in the near future?

Gaming is a huge industry in today’s world, with millions of players worldwide. I don't see crypto currencies playing a major role in gaming in the near future but in the long term I see it gaining momentum. Anything can happen though; all it takes is a little wind to catch a sail before it zooms off into the night.

6/ What aspect of DKV are you most proud of?

The aspects of DKV that I am proud of would have to be the players and the games sponsors. Players have been a major part in how the game has shaped up to be with their suggestions and feedback. The game’s sponsors have also been a huge help with providing funding for the players to earn as they play, as well as a couple of them going so far as to provide advertising and press articles relating to the game. It is great that there are people out there who see promise in something and are willing to invest their time and money into it.

7/ Is there anything about DKV that you really wish you could improve more than you have been able to?

The biggest thing with DKV that I would like to improve is how the game functions. Security is my biggest concern as the littlest of things can end up with bad results for me and the players. We are constantly changing and updating things to be more efficient but it is a long task as there is a lot of code involved.

8/ If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to develop an online RPG, what would it be?

The greatest advice that I can give to people looking to develop online RPGs is to find a good team to do it with. I did it for a long time by myself and it is hard to keep on top of things. Resolving bug reports, customer support, finances, and advertising are just a few of the things that are required; a team to manage these will go a long way in a games success.

Something that is just as important as the above would be to listen to the players. I have seen first-hand how big gaming companies with millions of players function behind the scenes and their main concern is money. They will ignore what the players want the majority of the time and will only go for what makes them more money. They fail to realize that without the players they have nothing but an empty game that they wasted their time and money in. I have seen what this mind-set does to games and it always leads to their demise, so I do my best to avoid their mistakes.

Many thanks to Anarchist both for this interview and creating a highly enjoyable game!  If you would like to know more about Dragon Knights of Valeria check out the website or sign up for an account

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Save The Children's Sustainaville Launches on PC, Mac and Mobile

I'm not sure if this is strictly indie, but I'm going to post it anyway.  It's for a good cause after all.

August 25, 2015---The highly anticipated, charity-driven game "Sustainaville" is now available for free download on Mac and iOS, giving players new insight into the world of aid and development. This follows the game's successful launch on Android and PC last month.

"Sustainaville" is the product of collaboration between Save the Children and Good Game Productions, giving players the opportunity to confront challenges similar to those faced by aid workers and the communities they help in the real world every day.

To download Sustainaville go to where you can find links to the game, or visit one of the various app stores.

For the first time ever, players use a unique "fundraising platform" within the game to give funds directly to Save the Children and, in return, receive in-game currency and rewards like special characters.

Save the Children CEO Paul Ronalds said: "Sustainaville is an exciting new way for people to support Save the Children's work with the most vulnerable children around the world. Not only do players get an insight into the challenges our aid workers face every day, they can make a real difference to children's lives through in-game fundraising.

"Players are faced with a range of decisions to make and needs to prioritise, from providing food and healthcare for families so children can stay healthy and concentrate at school, to ensuring stable water supplies for communities and making sure those living in disaster-prone areas are well-prepared for natural hazards like earthquakes and cyclones." 

Save the Children works in more than 120 countries around the world, responding to emergencies and running long-term development programs for the most vulnerable children and their families.

"No game can adequately convey the challenges faced by children and families affected by poverty or disaster, or the effort and dedication embodied by Save the Children's aid workers," Mr. Ronalds said. "It is our hope that through Sustainaville, players will gain a better appreciation for some of these challenges and situations and, in their own way, work towards a better future for all children."

About Save the Children
With more than 90 years' experience, Save the Children is one of Australia's largest aid and development agencies dedicated to helping children.

About Good Game Productions
Founded in 2009 by Grantley Day, Good Game Productions is a developer of entertainment and edutainment titles for iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms, based in Melbourne, Australia.