Friday, 26 May 2017

"The Frankenstein Wars" - coming soon to iOS and Android

The Frankenstein Wars is a raw, epic, story-driven blockbuster about two brothers who long guarded the secret to Victor Frankenstein’s resurrection technology... until the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

You direct both Tom and Anton Clerval, through a branching, non-linear storyline set in revolutionary France with a backdrop of hellish war with the soul of humanity at stake - and you decide if the brothers become allies, or enemies.

“The Frankenstein Wars” takes the heritage of Mary Shelley’s universal horror classic and combines it with some of the most outstanding historical figures such as Ada Lovelace or Napoleon Bonaparte.

Immerse yourself in the 19th century thanks to the soundtrack with a neo-classic twist, explore beautiful maps, decide the fate of Europe (and the known world) and enjoy this compelling and powerful adventure gamebook beautifully crafted.

Discover this gameplay-meets-story with the sweep and scale of a whole alternate-history universe.

Never before will the consequences of your decisions be so dramatic and momentous in an adventure gamebook!

Official launch:
  • June 1st (iOS)
  • June 8th (Android)
The Frankenstein Wars Gameplay Trailer:

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Starsmashers launches today, Friday 26 May 2017

The galaxy is in peril as Kaldor Seth and his legions wreak havoc. The Starship Space Beagle and her crew are the only thing standing between Kaldor Seth and the innocents of the galaxy. Do you have what it takes to stand up where many have failed?

StarSmashers is a fast-paced action strategy game that has you volley with enemy ships with tactical speed. Upgrade your ship and exploit enemy weaknesses while maintaining your ship. Each volley is limited so think fast and always plan your next move. One mistake or a slow reaction can leave you as just another wreckage in the wake of chaos.

Starsmashers is a turn based action strategy game that sees players at the helm of the Starship 'Space Beagle', tasked with wrestling back control of the galaxy from evil emperor, Kaldor Seth and his army of interstellar allies.

Fighting through five star systems, the Beagle and her crew will encounter new races, advanced spaceships and vast planets as they battle towards a final showdown with Kaldor Seth. Along the way they’ll discover new weapons and advanced technology, allowing them to upgrade the Beagle and take on terrifying new enemies in epic tactical combat. They’ll also make contact with a mysterious race of aliens, creators of a technology that could help them defeat Seth once and for all…

Key features:
  • High octane space combat – epic battles that demand tactical decision making and quick reflexes…
  • Ship upgrades and augments – loot new technologies and upgrade the Space Beagle. Pick the right weapons for maximum damage, and the right shields to keep the enemy at bay…
  • Epic encounters – huge variety of alien races and ships, all inspired by classic 1970s Chris Fosse artwork…
  • Five star systems to explore – discover vibrant gas nebulae, mysterious alien planets and derelict space stations…

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Entropy's Fall- A Giant Boss-Slaying 2D Platformer

Entropy's Fall is a story rich 2D Action Adventure for PC/Mac/Linux. You play Kayos who is at war with another God in the planet called Entropy. While the protagonist's story is that of revenge, what makes the saga stand out is that the characters of the game represent abstract worldly characters such a chaos, justice, etc. and each of their actions is linked to their fundamental qualities.  There will be no fighting minions in this game - it's entirely focused on epic boss battles!

Key features of the game include:
- Bigass Boss Battles
- Vivid Visuals
- Gripping Gameplay
- Lore and Legend

Check it out the IndieGoGo page for more details and to pledge your support if you like the look if this one!

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Deep Sixed - A Space Survival Adventure - on Kickstarter

Deep Sixed by Little Red Dog Games is a space survival game where players are given a defective spaceship and a large nebula to map with plenty of mysteries to reveal. As you explore, things will go wrong on your expeditions and you will be expected to make command decisions. You can conduct a distracting and extensive repair, or implement a temporary make-do solution so you can focus on what’s happening outside. You can attack nebula creatures head-on, or study their habits and hope to avoid their attention. Perfect journeys are impossible, and players will find themselves building upon and applying a core set of basic engineering skills to address competing priorities.

This game comes without an undo button. There will be no savescumming. Your ship stays with you from start to finish, and if something breaks, it'll stay broken until you figure out how to fix it. In this game, everything matters: using duct tape to seal a pipe in your first mission can come back to haunt you in your last.  

The nebula you are exploring has many procedurally generated mysteries for the ambitious explorer, and a diverse ecosystem of intergalactic fauna with their own predator, prey and scavenger roles. 

As a court-mandated involuntary employee of a ruthless megacorporation, you will be sent into the breach time and time again in the hopes of earning your freedom. Your ship will also contain an artificial intelligence unit with its own objectives that promise to surprise and entertain. 

The Deep Sixed story is told through cutscenes that occur between missions, through e-mails sent and received in the game’s space-station hub, and in-situ as the Pilot discovers something interesting in the nebula. These narrative vignettes weave a thoughtful and compelling tale of friendship and compassion under unexpected circumstances inspired by classic works of science fiction.  

Check out the Kickstarter Page for more details and of course to support the game if you think it looks interesting!  $10 snags you a copy of the game, among other rewards.  Deep Sixed is in development for PC, Mac and Linux, with mobile formats anticipated to follow early next year.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure - Out Now

The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure (PC) launches on Steam today, Friday 19 May 2017.

The once glamorous Gatsby Mansion is now wrecked and seemingly deserted. Judy, a talented architect, is given her dream job when she is asked to restore it to its former beauty. Just as she is about to begin, Gatsby's criminal past intrudes and she finds herself caught up in a kidnapper's scheme to discover the notorious socialite's secret treasure.

Immerse yourself in an adventure full of puzzles and hidden object scenes, entwined with Gatsby’s devoted love and criminal dealings in The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure!

Available on Steam

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Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe (open Beta)

Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe (or, for ease of use, DKV2), is a space-faring MMO supporting various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, HYPER, GoldPieces) as well as its own in-game currency (which seems, as far as I can tell, to have its own blockchain and will be tradeable in-game for real cryptos).  

It's in open Beta until the full launch on 28th March, when all accounts will reset (although any cryptos deposited to buy account upgrades will be put back in your account at the reset).  You can take a look now, not all functions are implemented yet but it's fully operational otherwise:

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Enter a chalkboard world and save the school from bullies in BAMBOSHER – launching May 25 on iOS

Bambosher, a 2D endless runner created by Saurus Productions, will be available on the App Store Thursday, May 25! Stop students from being bullied by the likes of Sally, Bruno, and Maxo – and become the hero your fellow students deserve :)


Once upon a time, Sally reigned supreme as the “chief bully” at her old school, Posh Prep. After transferring to a new school, Stalwart Elementary, Sally must establish her “bully credentials” all over again – so she enlists local bullies Bruno and Maxo to help her put the school on notice with threats, intimidation, and downright bad behavior.

But Sally didn’t count on Winston – a brave student at Stalwart Elementary who isn’t afraid to stand up to Sally and the rest of her gang!

As Winston, run, jump and slide to avoid obstacles scattered throughout the school and playground ... or use your trusty straw to hurl spitballs at those bullies and teach them a lesson. You can also rescue “victims” stuck in lockers, bushes, and even cabinets by clicking on the life preserver icon. Keep the pressure on the bullies by collecting coins: It’s the only way to upgrade your spitball abilities and unlock improved armor and other fun skins.

Ready to take back your school and put the “kibosh” on the bambosh?

*   Run through a fascinating chalkboard world.
*   Shoot spitballs to defeat bullies and eliminate hazards.
*   Customize your character with awesome unlockable armor and costumes.
*   Become a hero by rescuing other kids.
*   Explore the school’s interior and exterior locations.

Bambosher will be available on iOS Thursday, May 25. The game will be free to download and will include in-app purchases.

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Hyper Knights: 95% Positive Reviews, leaves Early Access today

Slash and Dash your way through hundreds of enemies in the fast-paced skill-based action of Hyper Knights!

Become stronger and learn new powerful combos to help you on your journey.

Raise your army and recruit allied Knights to join your cause, command their armies, siege enemy castles, raid their outposts, ambush their convoys and use the loot to build your lands.

  • Slash and Dash through your enemies
  • Command hundreds of minions
  • Recruit allied Knights to your cause
  • Upgrade your skills and learn powerful combos
  • Defend your lands from enemy attacks
  • Duel enemy Knights
  • Siege their castles and take back your land!
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Release date: 19th May 2017
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil

Steam Page 

Hugo Cardoso is the developer behind Endless Loop Studios and has previously developed Blueprint Tycoon, Game Corp DX and the Survivor Squad series.

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