Saturday, 25 June 2016

imprint-X - Kickstarter campaign

A causal puzzle game, set on an Asteroid Base. Hack into people's brains and destroy the robotic virus that enslaves their minds!

Check out the Kickstarter Page.

Being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Let your imagination set sail with THE LAST LEVIATHAN, out now on Steam!

London, 23rd June 2016 – Nottingham, UK-based Super Punk Games announce today the Steam Early Access release of The Last Leviathan, a physics-based, ship building and destruction game in which the limits are only set by your own imagination!
The Last Leviathan is the first fully in-house created title by Super Punk Games, who already have a proven track record thanks to their collaborative work with the likes of Activision, Hasbro and Dovetail across a multitude of engines and platforms. The Last Leviathan passed the Steam Greenlight process with honours, with a 5-star rating and in the top 2% of all Greenlights.
In the game you’ll construct battle ships to crush your adversaries and massacre the monsters you encounter around the ancient seas of Middenhir. On your voyage to uncover where The Last Leviathan lies you will discover a world full of rival ships, mythical monsters, wrecked flotsam, physics-puzzles and hidden treasures. With blocks bought, found or plundered, you’ll craft boats capable of conquering pirates, out manoeuvring racing ships, disintegrating towers high on the coastal hills and solving mysteries.
With four modes to choose from (Sandbox, Battle Seas, Versus and Events, with more to come soon) and full Steam Workshop integration allowing your ship designs to be shared and battled with or against, the fun never stops. Leaderboards will track your uploaded ship’s performance in battle against members of the community, and you’ll be able to Mod in many ways from Ship-AI, Cannon-AI, ship block creation and eventually Battle Seas events.
Jump aboard and set sail as The Last Leviathan hits Steam Early Access now!
Download The Last Leviathan via Steam Early Access here:
Release date: Out Now
Platforms: Steam/PC (coming soon to Mac and Linux)
RRP: €8.99 / £6.29 
Developer: Super Punk Games

Thursday, 23 June 2016

"Colour Clash" released

I just released a small puzzle game I made to teach myself AGS scripting, it's a little rough round the edges but for all that it plays quite well.  You just have to avoid having repeated colours in any line (vertical or horizontal), scroll through them with your left mouse button.  That's it!

Shame I couldn't develop this more but I need to spend the time on other projects.  Hope it brings a 
bit of enjoyment to puzzle fans!