Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mini-Review: Kamio Recoil

Kamio Recoil is an interesting game.  Effectively a shmup that looks (and sometimes plays) like a platformer, the key to everything is in the "recoil" part of the title - not only do you shoot to blast away enemies and obstacles, but it's also your only means of propulsion.  This takes ammo usage to a whole new level - run out of ammo completely and you will be stranded, completely unable to move!  (Fortunately you can usually find extra ammo spread fairly generously around the levels).  This brings extra strategy to the proceedings, as does the ability to instantly swap between your 5 heroines at any time - each has different primary and secondary weapons, which each have unique advantages and disadvantages. 

When you complete a level you are taken to a screen to select the next level - there often divergent paths you can follow here - and finally you reach a boss at the end of the stage.  I have to admit that I found this game pretty tough and even the first boss was a major challenge for me - though I don't feel that I'm particularly good at this sort of game, I trust you to know if you are!

The aesthetics were very retro, and this worked nicely for the game.  The controls were responsive, I never found myself cursing the controls, only my own lack of skill at using them!

Kamio Recoil is a game that will appeal pretty specifically to those who like the games retro, challenging and a little bit different.  It's pretty unique - at least I've never seen anything quite like it.  If this sounds like your cup of tea head over to the game's Steam Page.

Trajectory - Upcoming scifi adventure

Trajectory is a first person scifi adventure game that takes place in Earth's orbit, with a dystopian yet whimsical setting. The game has multiple endings, varying playthroughs and a bunch of exotic locations in space and beyond.

Coming next month on Steam for PC and Mac.  Check out the trailer below!

Insomnia60 to stage top music talent for the first time ever

Insomnia60, the UK’s largest gaming festival, which runs over the Easter bank holiday weekend at the NEC in Birmingham, today announced its music evening line up; Years and Years, Chase & Status , Wretch 32 and DJ sets from Disciples and Jaguar Skills. Insomnia, which is 17 this year, has grown into one of the UK’s largest festivals, attracting more than 100,000 people each year. A new partnership with Universal Music’s Island Records will see top artists take the stage alongside the world’s best video gamers and YouTube stars.

18.8 million British 6-64 year olds regularly play video games and Insomnia brings together fans of all ages to play the latest releases, meet pro players and immerse themselves in video games culture.

Andy Smith, Director of The Insomnia Gaming Festival, commented: “Insomnia is now bigger, better and even more exciting. These huge music acts will electrify our live stage in April, as we extend the festival to four days by popular demand and introduce some thrilling new gaming features to our fans.”

Friday night will showcase a number of up-and-coming acts, before the main event on Saturday evening, which will see DJ’ing from Jaguar Skills and Disciples, followed by critically-acclaimed rapper Wretch 32, Years and Years and Chase & Status.

With day tickets available from £25, parents and children will enjoy new zoned areas, including VR, Turn Up and Play, Retro, Indie, Tabletop and general retail. The Expo Hall will allow fans to ‘discover, try and buy’ all that is new in the world of gaming, from the latest consoles through to rare accessories.

Olivia Nunn, Director of Marketing at Island Records, said: “Multiplay is the perfect partner for us to reach the legions of gaming fans across the UK. Video games and music have gone hand-in-hand for decades, with Insomnia providing the ideal stage to showcase a sensational array of emerging and established artists.”

Tickets for a full day at Insomnia60 are priced at £25 per person and are available for purchase at