Friday, 26 August 2016

Riders of Asgard Launches on Steam Greenlight

Gobbo Games, an Independent Games Development company and creators of board games operating from offices in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, has launched their game Riders of Asgard on Steam Greenlight

Riders of Asgard is a fun and challenging Viking BMX game, but is so much more than your average run-of-the-mill, Viking BMX game. It’s a historically correct Viking BMX game, with historically accurate Viking bikes and locations. 

Gobbo Games, whose goal has always been to make high quality games that are price friendly and provide maximum entertainment value, has gone the extra mile in providing a polished demo of the game that can be downloaded from the website: 

The polish of Riders of Asgard can be seen in the official trailer, which shows the game in all its glory while being accompanied by music that has been written for the game by Karl Muller Sound and Music Design. 

Why not help get this challenging but incredibly addictive game on Steam Greenlight by voting for them here: 

Gobbo Games has indicated that there will be multiplayer support as well as providing native support for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. The demo also shows off the visual upgrades that can be unlocked by using the gold you earn while performing tricks and hints at new levels being released in the final version.

So go ahead! Be the Biking Viking! 

Karl Muller Music and Sound Design: 
Riders of Asgard:

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Strategy Simulation Game, Agenda, Coming to PC, Mac, Linux September 21

ZAGREB, Croatia - August 24, 2016 - Agenda, a strategy simulation from Exordium Games where players control an evil organization seeking world domination, will come to Windows, Mac, and Linux on Sept. 21st, 2016.

Players will direct covert operations to increase their control over countries' economies, political parties, militaries, science institutions and media outlets. Operations will entail everything from low key kickbacks to military leaders to the brazen assassination of political rivals.

By earning influence in each country, players unlock powerful new abilities and gain access to five different agency super weapons. These supply benefits such as running multiple operations at once or reducing the shadowy enterprise's exposure.

In order to secretly control the world's governments, the organization must avoid exposure by successfully completing its undercover operations and exerting its influence over the media. Once exposed, the game is over. Exposure will rise gradually over time, but incidents like failed operations or rebellions can trigger spikes of unrest and awareness.

Agenda will be available on Steam for $9.99 in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Japanese.

"Unlike most games, the goal of Agenda isn't to save the world through noble deeds - it's world domination through devious tactics," said Andrej Kovacevic, game director, Exordium Games. "Only by utilizing military might, making shady political deals and manipulating the global economies and media will players be able to rule the world."

About Exordium Games

Exordium Games is a Croatia-based independent studio that united 20 developers under a shared belief that games have a vital role in modern society's evolution and future. The team recently released their first title, Bear With Me. Exordium strives to create magnificent adventures that can be enjoyed by people all over the world.

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