Wednesday, 17 October 2018

New Release - "The Hex"

In a creaky old tavern, in a forgotten corner of the video-game universe, a storm is raging. An anonymous caller suggests that there is a murder plot. Six video game protagonists are the only plausible suspects...

  • Control the six patrons and explore The Six Pint Inn
  • Delve into the memories of these cast-aside game protagonists to learn the truth of their past
  • Learn the identity of the would-be murderer... as well as the victim

This looks like a wonderfully strange game, but then you'd expect that from the developer of Pony Island!

The Hex - Screenshots

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Legend of Tobimaru - Kickstarter Launch

The Legend of Tobimaru is a 2D action platformer game that sees you playing a ninja on a journey to defeat the enemies that destroyed his village and collect the fragments of his Protector’s Orb.

The game takes inspiration from retro classics such as Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man, as well as classic fighting games such as Street Fighter II. It is a 2D action platformer with combat inspired by fighting games and challenging combat puzzles. It has a linear progression with minimal backtracking to differentiate it from Metroidvania games.

It is a retro-style game with modern twists. We've implemented modern techniques that weren't used in classic games, such as advanced camera control, parallaxing backgrounds using perspective cameras, and dynamic scene loading.

If you want to see the game in action there's an Alpha Demo available.

It will initially be released on PC with a Linux version to follow.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign for more details or to pledge.  A pledge of $15NZ (about $10USD or £7.49GBP) bags you a digital copy of the game.

Grand Strategy RTS Hybrid 'AI War 2' - Early Access Now Out

October 15th, 2018 -- Arcen Games is excited to announce AI War 2 is out today in Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms!

AI War 2 is a grand strategy RTS hybrid against an overwhelming, inhuman enemy who has conquered the galaxy. The enemy has made only a single error: underestimating you. You must steal as much technology as you can, take enough territory to fortify your bases and launch your attacks. But every conquest you make turns the attention of the AI ever more in your direction... so choose your targets with care.

AI War 2 is the epic sequel to 2009's space strategy hit, AI War: Fleet Command -- critically acclaimed for its dastardly AI and totaling nearly 2 million units sold, with more than 650,000 base game sales and 1.15m expansion purchases made to date.

What's New and What Are We Working On?
We still have a lot we want to add, and even more we want to polish, but the current version of AI War 2 is already vast:
  • Many optional factions, each with their own goals and strategy, creating a living galaxy.
  • Polished gameplay mechanics, representing everything learned from the original AI War: Fleet Command's six expansions.
  • Redesigned UI, currently going through iterations.
  • Over 1700 lines of spoken dialogue from more than 25 actors, and more to come for the AI itself.
  • 1.5 hours of new music added to the 4.5 hour score included from the original AI War: Fleet Command.
  • A ton of map types, with a lot of sub-options to make them even more varied.
  • Crazy moddability, with many levers available in easily-accessible XML.
  • Multiplayer is temporarily disabled, but still being implemented.
  • Multithreading for modern performance, and a codebase that will not summon an elder god. 

AI War 2 Early Access is available today for $19.99 with launch discounts on Steam and Humble Store, and coming soon to other PC shops.
To find out more, visit:

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