Sunday, 1 February 2015

Site Stats January 2015




So that's the first month of the year down.  Pretty pleased with the above figures as they're all massively up compared to January last year.

On to February!

Saturday, 31 January 2015


Amphora is a peculiar puzzle game that mixes story elements and physics. Amphora presents you with an unfamiliar world with a striking visual style inspired by all the shadow theatre traditions and colors of the world.

Looks kooky and interesting!  Check out the Official Website, where the game is available direct from indie studio Moonchild for $13,99.  Unfortunately I couldn't see that a demo is available at this time.

Review - "Neige"

If you have a free ten minutes today (go on, you know you can squeeze it in!) I would heartily recommend checking out the latest release from freeware developer Noah van Nostrand, entitled ‘Neige’.

Noah describes his creation as an ‘abstract and ambient exploration game’ – and it certainly brings the atmosphere to the fore. Featuring lovely lo-fi pixel art graphics, you are thrown into watching your character shoot someone before being flung into some sort of portal to another dimension – a snowy wasteland featuring a suitably grim soundtrack. Here you must make your way back by finding another portal, but be wary, there are dangers! Your spacebar may get a good work out, as reflexes are required – but I won’t spoil anything. There aren’t really any puzzles as such, but you will need to engage your brain to survive.

If you are a fan of these lovely little experiences, download it and it give it a try – it’s free! (Although if you are impressed, do consider contributing to Noah’s page)

And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the reflexes needed… always remember the ending is worth any frustration you may encounter along the way!

Review by Shaun Aitcheson of Cloak and Dagger Games

Friday, 30 January 2015

Steam Heroes - Out Today

Kiss Ltd and Projector Games are pleased to announce that Steam Heroes, the action packed puzzle strategy game launches on Steam and other leading digital download stores today.

Combining strategy and skill help three brave adventurers on their quest to stop the diabolical Baron Von Smog and his army of minions from conquering Steam Land.

In this classic Match-3 style gameplay, matching colours generates coloured steam.  Your character then utilise the steam to heal, attack and defend your party.  Unlike many other Match-3 games, not every match is a good one. Think ahead and plan carefully.  Make sure your characters use their special combo attacks to defeat the bosses!

The game includes:
  • 12 action-packed stages,
  • A full soundtrack
  • Competitive online play
  • Achievements
  • An advanced mode for expert gamers.
  • Stunning 720p HD graphics

System Specs
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or newer.
  • Video card supporting shader model 2 or newer
  • 512Mb ram
  • 1.2ghz Intel compatible CPU or better
  • 1Gb free HDD space
Steam Heroes is available to download via PC digital download stores today (Friday 30 January 2015), with an SRP of $5.99 / €5.49 / £4.99.  Look out for special launch promotions.

Solar Storm Studio has announced its first independent game “DarkBase 01” for Windows Desktop PCs

January 23, 2015 - Watertown, MA - Solar Storm Studio has announced its first independent game “DarkBase 01” for Windows Desktop PCs.

Do you have what it takes … to survive? You are Lieutenant Jason Phoenix, Military Science Officer. You’ve been sent to a classified military science facility named only as DarkBase 01 for reasons that are not known to you. You need to find out who exactly is responsible for sending you to this place - and why.

You are all alone in this dark and foreboding military installation. Trapped and surrounded by hundreds of disturbing creatures that are all too eager to kill you, you must find a way to cancel the quarantine lockdown and escape this hellish place.

You can find keycards to access various sections of the base and learn about the types of unauthorized experiments that have been going on here. These creatures cannot leave this facility, and with only your personal sidearm at your side, it is your job to ensure that these experiments go no further - or die trying. Your only defense is your personal Pulse Blaster and your only mission is to survive.

DarkBase 01 is scheduled for release in January 2015. You can check out gameplay videos and screenshot images of the game at

Troll Song: Verse One released!

We have finally released the freeware game Troll Song: Verse One - Completely Stoned.  It's a short game in its own right, though it really replaces the existing demo which no longer represents the quality of the full game.

The full game is planned for release in 2015 and you can follow its progress on the Dev Blog.

Troll Song: Verse One - Completely Stoned can be downloaded from Gamejolt.  Further download mirrors will be added later.  A native Linux build is on its way (although the PC build will work fine under WINE anyway).